July 9, 2021
2 months and 23 days left
until our celebration.
"Unite, Honor, and Uplift our Strong Foundation!"  

Jimmie L. Williams, Co-Founder
2019 Group Picture Fayetteville, NC
2019 Group Picture Fayetteville, NC
 "You guys are AWESOME! You showed up, all the way to Fayetteville, NC in 2019, and showed out!"

"2020 Family Reunion Cancelled Due to Covid-19"

Celebrate our Family Reunion in Atlanta, GA

July 9 – 11, 2021

 Greeting Anthony-Ellison Family and Friends,

I hope you and your families are healthy and continue to be safe at home.  Many of you have called and wanted to know the status of our 2020 Family Reunion in Atlanta, GA.  On March 22, 2020 I sent out an important update email from the Atlanta Host committee providing the latest status of our 2020 Family Reunion.

At that time, the Atlanta Host Committee had decided that if the same conditions Shelter-in-Place order concerning the COVID-19 exist on May 1, 2020, we would cancel the Family Reunion. 

Regretful, as of today, I am sad to announce that because COVID-19 conditions are not improving and out of concern for the health and safety of our families and friends the Atlanta Host Committee made the decision to cancel the 2020 Anthony-Ellison Family Reunion for this year and rescheduled for 2021.

The new dates for the Anthony-Ellison Family Reunion will be July 9,10 and 11, 2021 at the same hotel (Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta-Buckhead).  The hotel has agreed to honor the same Room Rates, Banquet Menu price, Parking price, and all other agreements in the 2020 contract and rolled everything to a new 2021 contract. 

 All 2020 Group Block for rooms were cancelled along with individual room reservations made by family members to date.  The hotel sent email room cancellations without penalty today for those of you who had made reservations. Please check your email to ensure your reservation was cancelled.

Once the Group Block for 2021 is setup in the hotel system, I will send out hotel information as soon as I receive it.  Please book your hotel reservation as soon as possible.   Since the hotel is honoring the 2020 contract rates the Family Reunion Registration fees and itinerary will remain the same for 2021.

For those of you who have already paid your 2020 Family Reunion Registration Fees we can apply them to the 2021 Reunion, or we can send you a full refund.   Please let me know which option you choose.

Once again, thank you so much for your understanding and patience.  If you have any questions, please contact:

Jimmie Williams, Co-Found              305-992 2247                             jimw4469@hotmail.com
Arizona “Laney” Anthony-Love        904-729-7049                            laney50@comcast.net
Gayle Pledger-Johnson                      404-386-3583                            gaylerjohnson@yahoo.com
Donna Dopson                                     407-376-8466                            donnadopson@msn.com
Linda Anthony-Duncan, President  706-587-0732                            lramduncan105@gmail.com

Please take good care and stay healthy!

The Atlanta Host committee

Family Reunion Registration Fees

The Non-refundable Registration Fees by age are as follows:
Ages 1-3 $Free Food (Kids Menu Only)
Ages 4-12 $80.00 each (Kids Menu Only) Eat from Regular menu $149.00 each)
Children 13+ and Adults $ 149.00 each
Adults $15.00 each
Youth 4 and over $15.00 each
Kids Ages 1-3 $10.00 each
The Registration Fee covers:
  • Friday Night Meet & Greet (includes light food and refreshments)
  • Saturday morning Breakfast Buffet
  • Black Heritage Bus tour with (Box Lunch)
  • Saturday night Banquet Dinner and Program
  • Sunday Breakfast Buffet
  • Sunday  Lunch Buffet  ( after Family Worship Service}
Black Heritage tour includes stops at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Social Changes, Civil Right Museum, The Apex Museum, Atlanta University Center, and a drive by Tyler Perry Movie Studio.

For your convenience, Two Payment Methods are available to submit your Registration Fees
Click to print Reunion Registration Form

Click to print T-shirt Form
Click to view Registration Fees
Click to view Hotel Information

Click to have your name added to the Anthony-Ellison Family Trees

The Reunion Advisory Committee:

Jimmie Williams, Co-Founder                                    jimw4469@hotmail.com
Arizona “Laney” Anthony-Love                                  laney50@comcast.net
Gayle Pledger-Johnson                                               gaylerjohnson@yahoo.com
Donna Dopson                                                             donnadopson@msn.com
Linda Anthony-Duncan, President                             lramduncan105@gmail.com
James Pledger
Wilson Johnson
Vice President
Dale Williams
Stephanie Thomas
Gayle Johnson
Reunion Planner


Please tell your children and their children now about next year's reunion and please pass this information on to other family members.

 May God Bless You and Keep You until we meet again.

Your Cousin,
Jimmie Williams
E-mail jimw4469@hotmail.com
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