July 12, 2019
1 Month and 8 days since
our celebration.
"Coming together with Unity, Peace and Love!"  

Jimmie L. Williams, Co-Founder

Thank You for Coming
To our amazing family:

Words cannot express how delighted I am that you were able to make it to our 2019 family reunion. 

We gather together to celebrate so many things, the passing of loved ones, welcoming new life, to remember and carry on memories from the present times and times past.

For all of you who have traveled to Fayetteville, North Carolina to celebrate this momentous occasion, we thank you.  Your desire to bond with love ones and to embrace the legacy and achievements of an ever-flourishing family is what makes the Anthony-Ellison Family Reunion so rewarding and special.

It is our hope that you will look back at your time here in Fayetteville with a newfound energy and warmth in your heart that is filled with UNITY, PEACE and LOVE for your ANTHONY-ELLISON family.

In Closing

May God bless and keep our ANTHONY-ELLISON families gather here. We look forward to seeing each of you at Reunion 2020 in Atlanta, GA.


Jimmie L Williams, Co-founder
Anthony-Ellison Family Reunion
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