"Coming together with Unity, Peace and Love!"


We pray all is well with each of you and that you are looking forward to our 2019 FAMILY REUNION in FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA:
“Coming together with Unity, Peace and Love!”
Since our family has expanded within the past couple of years, we want to introduce a sure way of everyone knowing each other.  “THE ANTHONY-ELLISON PICTORIAL FAMILY DIRECTORY” which will include pictures of each family (group pictures or individuals) names of everyone on pictures and ancestors.  The Directory will also consist of Memorials and Family Contact Information which will include: Names, Complete Mailing Address, Telephone Numbers and Email of all Family Members.
There can only be 1 Group Family Portrait or no more than 3 Individual Pictures per page.  Additional pictures will be a fee of $10 per page.  Pages cannot be crowded because the names of individuals and ancestors will be listed.  We need high profile clean pictures, including names of individuals and ancestors.  If you need to know your GENEALOGY please visit the website anthonyellisonfamilyreunion.com, hopefully this will help.
Abe & Clarissa Ellison Great-Great Grandparents
Willie Hence & Mary Hanna Crime Anthony Great Grandparents
Jeff & Evie Solomon Ellison Great Grandparents
Winsor & Annette Ellison Anthony Grandparents
Jimmie & Harrymae Anthony Parents
Contact Information: Arizona “Laney” Anthony-Love
3446 Natalie Drive South
Jacksonville, FL 32218
(904) 729-7049/cell & (904) 766-7746/home
Although this task will be handled by Gayle Pledger-Johnson, Donna Dopson and myself, I am requesting you either email pictures or mail (copies please, I will not be responsible for returning photos) to my contact information listed above.  Money orders are to be made payable to me and mailed to my address no later than April 15, 2019.  Please send photos and information as soon as possible please.
FYI:  This money is totally separate from your Family Reunion Fees!
Any questions please contact: Laney (904) 729-7049 or Gayle (404) 386-3583.
Thank you for your participation!

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