***This registration form and all registration fees must be paid in
full for each person attending the Reunion by May 9, 2021***
Last Name First Name MI
City:   State:   Zip:  
2020 Non-Refundable Anthony-Ellison Family Reunion Fees by Ages
Age Group(s) Cost T-Shirt(s) # Attending Youth Age Amount Due
3 & Under Free $10.00      
4-12 years old $80.00 $15.00      
13 & up/Adults $149.00 $15.00      
Note: 4-12 years old $80.00 apply to  (Kids Menu Only) To Eat from Regular menu $149.00 each)
Option 1: Click here to Pay by PayPal (PayPal ME) https://www.paypal.me/FamilyReunionFees
              To pay by Credit/Debit Card, Click the " PayPal Me " link above
  • Wait for the Send Money to “Jimmie” web page to appear, and
  • Then enter the "Dollar Amount" you wish to pay and send as family and friends. Click Next.
  • Enter your Email and Password
  • Then click Log in and follow the instructions
  • You will have to link your bank account to PayPal in order to avoid paying the 2.9 processing fees with a credit or debit card.
  • Please copy and paste this form or list the name(s), address, phone, age, and email of the family member(s) for whom you are submitting payment in the "note" section of the PayPal payment form.
  • Send a copy of PayPal payments Receipts and this Registration Form to jimw4469@hotmail.com.
 Option 2: To Pay by Cashier Check or Money Order via Mail (Payable to “Jimmie Williamsnot Anthony- Ellison Family Reunion). In the Memo line of each Cashier Check or Money Order please write  Anthony-Ellison Family Reunion.

 Option 3: Convenience Pay Using Installments
  • Half payment of registration fees by February9, 2021 for each person attending the reunion.
  • The balance paid in full by May 9, 2021.
Send this Form and your Payment(s) to: 
Jimmie Williams
P.O. Box 951566
Lake Mary, FL 32795-1566